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​​​HOUSES OF WORSHIP                                                                                         

In current risk analysis being conducted by Physical Security Experts nationwide, Houses of Worship appear to be the SOFTEST targets of opportunity for both terrorism and crime.  Since the environment is to be inviting and comfortable, too many houses of worship remain mistakenly vulnerable.  Imagine a religious extremist (Jihadist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Theists, Militia, Gang, etc) walking right into a religious service, sitting down among the congregation unnoticed, and then opening fire upon the congregation or detonating an explosive.   No house of worship is capable of handling a mass casualty event, it would be completely devastating!

As for a criminal utilizing a religious service as the opportunity to "case" the environment to identify valuable assets as well as figure out weaknesses for entry, it is not uncommon.  Follow that up with, how would your staff handle an actual robbery of the tithes/offering collection or larceny of expensive decor, metals, audio/visual equipment and other easy-access assets?  Such an event would shut down operations for a damaging length of time.   Not to mention, the typical congregation member would rightfully start to question their family's safety and perhaps chose another place to worship.  

Are these impacts of loss worth the ongoing risk?

CALL TO ACTION:  You cannot afford the loss of life or the indefinite shutdown of operations due to a physical security vulnerability.  You owe it to your congregation to call FORCE PROTECT Security Consultants for a free initial consultation, as a first step!

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"my house….to be ordered in all things and secured”  2 Samuel 23:5

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