No one likes to pay for assistance until after a problem shows up but waiting for a security problem to happen could have horrific consequences. Failure on the part of a business to adequately plan and respond to potential security threats can result in increased insurance premiums, major liability awards, business recovery and reconstruction costs, and even injury or loss of life.

In today’s litigious world more and more businesses are being sued for negligent security – either the lack of security or inadequate security. Working with a security consultant to identify security vulnerabilities and develop policies, procedures, and plans to address security issues is one of the most effective ways to reduce liability and improve the overall security and safety of your business.

Far too many facility owners take the threat of local terrorism for granted. The attitude of “that will never happen to us” was all too long shared by U.S.-based building tenants nationwide…until Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. The same attitude served well with facility occupants of the JP Morgan Bank in New York City, Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics and yes, even at one time (actually, twice) the World Trade Center. With the real threat of Mahdi, Al Qaeda, and most recently ISIS, the basics of force protection must be applied in all mass occupancy buildings. This is especially true of healthcare, education, industrial and public gathering venues (i.e. sports arenas, shopping centers, etc.).

As for crime; individual, gang and militia-connected threats such as larceny, burglary, battery and rape need not be ignored. Disgruntled employees, customers, patients, students all pose a risk regarding active shooter actions, assault, and other violence in the workplace. Any one of these acts could cripple your operation, as well as affect the financial livelihood of your business and psychological health of your workforce.

How often do we not consider the acts of nature except when it’s too late, having power and other key utilities go down due to vicious storms, extreme cold or earthquake activity. This is why redundancy in utility service is critical.  Additionally, safe haven provision for occupants is incumbent upon the facility owner. Of course, let’s never ignore the need for contingency plans to ensure our business mission continues to operate, amidst a natural or manmade disaster.
Force Protect Security Consultants encompass anti-terrorism and counter-crime enhancement through advanced design of physical security hardening.

CALL TO ACTION:  You cannot afford the loss of life or the indefinite shutdown of operations due to a physical security vulnerability.  You owe it to your employees, tenants and visitors to call FORCE PROTECT Security Consultants for a free initial consultation, as a first step!

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