The FORCE PROTECT staff includes consultants and designers with advanced training in force protection (crime prevention & anti-terrorism). Together, this collective experience gives us insight into all aspects of architecture, engineering, and construction, and how through effective planning at the outset, safety and security measures can be

integrated into the project through site planning, security engineering, building design and security force procedures. This knowledge allows us to see the global scope of the project and offer viable approaches to achieving asset and life protection.

Our Asset Protection Consulting Services include:

  • Threat Assessment (Crime, Terrorism & Natural - local, national, international)

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Risk Assessment (threat probability vs vulnerability)

  • Risk Mitigation Design Measures (provide detailed guidance)

             - Architectural Security

             - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

             - Perimeter Security Systems

             - Electronic Security Systems

              - Cyber Security

             - Policy & Procedures (Security force, employees, visitors, contractors, VIPS)

             - Life Cycle Cost Analysis of All Measures

  • Support the Design Team (design drawings, specifications, hardware/software schedules)

  • Prescribe Security Force staffing (proprietary or outsourced)

  • Authorship and Training of Standard Operating Procedures (Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, Hostage Situation)

  • Authorship of Continuity and Emergency Planning

  • "Red Team" Vulnerability Testing (click video for example)

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